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Some brides prefer very traditional settings.

Considerations when planning a wedding...

*The dates.
*The participants.
*The locations.
*The honeymoon.
*The cost.

Some prefer on site remote locations.

Considerations of whom to include...

*Best Man.
*Maid / Matron of honor.
*Service participants.
*Hired staff.

Others prefer some more decorative options.

Considerations when planning a reception...

*The hall.
*The food.
*The DJ.
*The Photographer.
*The Videographer.
*The timing.
*Nearby accommodations.

While some brides have unique taste.

Which services to include...

*Wedding Planner.
*DJ or Band.

Dear Patrons:

I have been working alongside my husband for more than 14 years now coordinating wedding rehearsals, ceremonies and receptions.  It is my pleasure to handle for you the stress that is associated with the planning and implementation of your special event.  I take great pride in watching your childhood dreams become a reality.  Throughout the years, if we have learned anything in this business, it is that each event is unique and requires its own special touch.  Let us be there for you.

Yours in Service,

Kathy Foster
Wedding Planner

  • Dreams - We are there to help you plan, organize and bring your wedding ideas to fruition.
  • Time - We are there to assist you when time runs short.
  • Stress - We are there to make your experience as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.
  • Money - We are there to help you find the best quality service at the best price.
  • Enjoyment - We are there to help make your wedding day all that you ever imagined it to be.